Report Suggests China Hacked VATICAN Computers

( Communist China is not much of an ally to any country right now. The authoritarian nation not only failed to release important information about the Chinese coronavirus when it was first discovered at the end of 2019, but it has also engaged in a series of attacks against other nations…including the Vatican.

A report published on Tuesday by Recorded Future, an American cybersecurity company, claims that hackers connected to the Chinese Communist Party infiltrated the Vatican’s computer networks earlier this year. The company said that hackers specifically targeted the city-state within Rome, Italy.

Attacks on the Vatican computer networks started at the beginning of May, just before Beijing and Vatican representatives were expected to start discussing control over the naming of Chinese bishops. It follows a secret provisional agreement that was signed at the end of 2018 relating to the appointment of Catholic bishops. The details of the agreement were never published, but representatives from China and the Vatican are expected to renegotiate the deal in September this year.

The hack, therefore, appears to be an attempt by Chinese hackers to find information that may assist in the renegotiation of the deal.

This story is pertinent given that the Chinese Communist Party is under extreme scrutiny from world governments and human rights organizations for the persecution of Christians and Muslims in the communist nation. Advanced surveillance technology is being used in the country to stop people from practicing religions not supported by the communist government.

The United States Commission on Religious Freedom held a virtual hearing last week on the use of surveillance by the Chinese government. The hearing examined how the government is using technology to repress religious minorities in the country, and considered appropriate responses from the United States government. It found that the Chinese Communist Party has created an “Orwellian surveillance state with an unprecedented ability to gather private information about its citizens.”

There’s a shocker. China abusing its citizens…

While much of the world is heavily critical of China, the Vatican has attempted to remain friendly on the issue in the hope that China would be willing to establish proper diplomatic ties with the city-state. We’ll see soon enough how well that works out for them.