RNC To Limit Attendees To August’s Convention In Jacksonville

(ConservativePeak.com)- The Republican National Committee is about to do what it was hoping it wouldn’t have to do for a while now: Limit attendance at the upcoming Republican National Convention.

Ronna McDaniel, the party chairwoman, wrote a letter to members of the RNC recently saying attendance for nights one through three of the convention will be limited only to delegates. President Donald Trump plans to make his nomination acceptance speech on the fourth and final night of the convention on August 27. On that day, delegates may bring a guest, and alternate delegates may attend as well.

This will significantly reduce the size of the crowd at the convention, which typically hosts donors, lawmakers and party activists. The RNC moved the convention from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Jacksonville, Florida, last month so that they could welcome a packed crowd.

With Florida experiencing a monumental increase in coronavirus spread, though, McDaniel said “adjustments must be made to comply with state and local health guidelines.” In her letter, she wrote:

“I want to make clear that we still intend to host a fantastic convention celebration in Jacksonville. We can gather and put on a top-notch event that celebrates the incredible accomplishments of President Trump’s administration and his re-nomination for a second term — while also doing so in a safe and responsible manner.”

Some of the top officials in the Republican Party met with the president earlier this week to sketch out plans for the upcoming event. Republicans are pushing forward with an in-person event. Democrats have said they will hold their typical national convention virtually this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Republicans are holding out hope that an in-person speech by Trump will rally the troops in the final push toward November’s General Election.

The RNC is enlisting the help of Tony Sayegh, who played a prominent role in Trump’s impeachment defense, the president’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump, and West Wing aides Hope Hicks and Stephen Miller for planning what the convention will look like.

The big guns are being brought on because a convention typically would take up to two years to plan. In addition, teams usually need that long to raise the millions of dollars that are normally needed to hold such an event. As of now, the RNC has roughly a month-and-a-half to pull everything together for the late August four-day convention.

McDaniel wrote in her letter that the RNC plans to host events each night of the convention with a mix of “indoor and outdoor venues.” While plans for the president’s nomination acceptance speech haven’t been finalized yet, officials within the party say the initial idea is to hold that outdoors.

The RNC also plans to “implement a variety of health protocols” to keep attendees safe at the event. These include coronavirus testing, temperature checks and sanitization of the venue. She continued:

“I want to reiterate that the RNC is working around the clock to ensure the convention celebration in Jacksonville is still an exciting, premier event.”