Rudy Giuliani Backs Missouri Letter Questioning Election Results

( Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who leads President Donald Trump’s legal team, this week supported a vote by Missouri lawmakers on advancing a resolution that questions the integrity of the presidential election results in various battleground states. It comes after weeks of evidentiary hearings in where disturbing evidence of election fraud was shown to legislators.

On Monday, a House committee voted 6-3 in favor of the nonbinding resolution, in a significant indication that the evidence presented is real, and that the election appears to have been compromised by misconduct and fraud.

The vote came just hours after Rudy Giuliani gave testimony via video conference, and presented a huge amount of evidence to the lawmakers about fraud that took place.

In the resolution, the Missouri legislators say that they have “no faith” in the election results in Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, and Nevada. Most mainstream media outlets claim that Biden handsomely won the states, but still refuse to publish the shocking evidence and testimony from American voters about election fraud.

The nonbinding resolution, unfortunately, doesn’t have any authority in forcing Congress to act but does signify that the evidence is real, and could give national legislators confidence to speak up against a stolen election in the coming weeks.

This might be as far as this resolution goes, but it also…might not be.

We’d like to show you footage of the hearing, but YouTube recently implemented a policy that stops the publishing of new content that questions the integrity of the election. The hearing presented witness testimony from people who saw fraud and misconduct happening, and even showed damning data analysis that shows how thousands of people double voted in Nevada and elsewhere.

The testimony also referenced the shocking CCTV footage of election officials counting ballots taken from underneath a hidden table after media representatives and poll watchers were told to go home for the night.

A joint session of Congress will meet in early January, and at this point members of Congress will have an opportunity to challenge the Electoral College vote.

Will they be as brave as Missouri?