Seattle City Council Officially Defunding Police, Overrides Mayor Veto

( Seattle’s Democrat-controlled city council overrode a veto by Mayor Jenny Durkan on Tuesday and is now moving forward with defunding the local police department. It means that budget cuts of up to 50% will take place, giving the police department significantly fewer resources than is necessary to keep residents safe.

If you live in Seattle, now might be a good time to move. If the months of riots and protests hadn’t already encouraged you to, that is.

It’s worth noting that Mayor Jenny Durkan is the leftist Democrat who allowed far-left Antifas and Black Lives Matter activists occupy several blocks of her city for almost a month earlier this year. The so-called “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” was occupied by left-wing extremists following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and Durkan only took action after her home was threatened by protesters and several people were injured.

According to the Seattle Times, the City Council’s vote means that the police force will begin shrinking before the endo f this year and “community solutions” will start being scaled up.

“The veto-override votes on the three bills were preceded by more than an hour of public comments, with most speakers urging council members to ‘hold the line’ against the mayor and demonstrate they were listening to the Black Lives Matter movement,” the paper reported.

Several members of the council “sharply defended the bills as reasonable first steps toward revamping public safety in Seattle.”

The radicalism displayed not just by protesters but also by local politicians became so egregious earlier this year that Carmen Best, the city’s Police Chief, resigned. Her resignation came after local officials threatened to defund the police.

Councilmember Kshama Sawant said that the vote was triggered by “ferocious” pressure from the Black Lives Matter movement over recent days, and said that several colleagues “kept constituents in suspense until the last minute.”

It goes to show that riots and protests really can be enough to force Democrats to do what they want.

Isn’t using violence and intimidation to advance a political agenda the literal definition of…terrorism?