Shaun King Says Police “Earned” Mayhem, Advocates Against Peace As BLM Burns Down Kenosha City

( Shaun King, the far-left activist who claims to be black despite his parents telling the press they are both white Europeans, said that he is “not going to call for peace” in the wake of fresh Black Lives Matter Riots.

King, often referred to as “Talcum X” because of his pale, European complexion, appeared to advocate continued division, anger, and riots following a new incident in which a black man was shot by police officers. Without all the information, and despite video footage showing the latest incident involving a man refusing arrest and reaching for something in his car, Black Lives Matter has begun destroying the city of Kenosha in Wisconsin.

On Sunday night, fires were set in the city, stores looted and destroyed, and a police officer hit in the head with a brick.

“Nah. I’m not going to call for peace. We’ve tried peace. For years. Y’all don’t understand that language,” King said, appearing to advocate for the outbreak of violence in Kenosha. “We are calling for a complete dismantling of American policing. It’s NOT broken. It was built to work this way. And mayhem is the consequence. You earned it.”

Funnily enough, Twitter has yet to remove this Tweet. Given how many conservatives have been suspended from Twitter for advocating for the police, and suggesting rioters should be met with force from the authorities, wouldn’t it be fair to suspend King for advocating violence too?

I mean, he even said that the police “earned” this.

“And mayhem is the consequence. You earned it,” he said.

Given that police officers are being injured by rioters, and even permanently blinded in Portland, isn’t King endorsing violence here?