Socialists Rejoice: Bernie Wins Again

( – If you were in denial before, there’s no doubting it now: Bernie Sanders is the frontrunner in the race to be the Democratic nominee for president.

Sanders crushed the competition in the Nevada caucuses over the weekend, claiming 14 of 20 delegates and garnering 46.8% of the vote. That far outpaced Joe Biden, who finished in second with 4 delegates and 20.4% of the vote, and Pete Buttigieg, who claimed 2 delegates and 13.9% of the vote. No other candidate got a delegate or tallied double-digit percentages of the vote.

There have been three states that have held primaries or caucuses so far — Iowa, New Hampshire and now Nevada — and Sanders has been atop each one of them. He’s also at the top of most national polls for the Democratic Party. A recent Washington Post-ABC News poll even showed that he’s starting to gain some trust and confidence from Democratic voters who at least initially were concerned about his socialist style and his chances at beating President Donald Trump in a general election.

The impressive part about the Nevada victory for Sanders is that it’s a pretty diverse state — both in terms of economics, race and social status. Nevada polling revealed that Sanders was way ahead of other candidates in voting from Hispanics and Latinos, union and non-union members, young voters and even independents.

All of this should be pretty scary for Sanders’ opponents, who — at least privately — have probably figured that the Bernie Train would eventually slow down if not go off the rails, as it did the last time around. Doubters will still say that nothing has been decided yet, and that caucuses are a type of election that works in Sanders’ favor — many candidates who have a dedicated grassroots support system will do well.

What will be interesting is how well Sanders does in upcoming classic primaries, especially on Super Tuesday, which is set to take place next Tuesday, March 3.

While Sanders has a commanding lead overall, it’s certainly not insurmountable — which many non-socialists will take solace in. In fact, with Biden performing well, at least relatively speaking, in Nevada, he has a case that his race is not dead yet.

As he told some of his supporters in Nevada last week: “You know, the press is ready to declare people dead pretty quickly. But we are alive and we’re coming back to win.”

Not sure that’s a likelihood yet, but for him and his supporters, at least he didn’t completely flame out.

The question for Democratic voters going forward won’t just be who they think the best candidate is among the pack, but who would make the best challenger to Trump. It doesn’t look like any from this group of hopefuls would have a great shot against Trump, especially as the president’s approval ratings keep rising across the country.