Squad Ally Deletes Tweet She Made That Was Fake News

(ConservativePeak)- Rep. Mondaire Jones, a Democrat representing New York and an ally of the far-left “Squad,” deleted a tweet this week in which she called for Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado to be expelled from the House of Representatives. The original tweet used a photograph from 2019 to falsely claim that Boebert was among the crowd of people who stormed the Capitol Building on January 6.

In the deleted tweet, Jones simply wrote, “Expel her.” She also shared a Tweet from another user that contained the photograph from two years ago.

The image had been taken from an article published by the Colorado Times Recorder from December, 2019.

Daily Beast reporter Will Sommer published the tweet that Rep. Jones shared, which claimed that she was among a group of people who took a guided tour of the Capitol before participating in the “insurrection” the next day.

“This Lauren Boebert picture that’s getting misleadingly promoted as a Jan. 5 pic in front of the US Capitol is actually a Dec. 2019 picture from outside Colorado’s state capitol,” Sommer said on Twitter.

Despite deleting the tweet, a spokesperson for Rep. Jones reportedly told Fox News that she still believes that Boebert should be expelled…for some reason.

Being a conservative is grounds to be expelled from the House, according to Democrats in 2021, huh?

Boebert has caused quite a stir since being elected for the first time in November. Boebert promised to take a firearm onto Capitol grounds, and reportedly refused to allow her bags to be searched upon arrival at the Capitol Building.

Speaking out against the backlash for carrying a gun in Washington, D.C., Boebert reminded her Twitter followers that metal detectors outside of the House would not have stopped the violence last week.

“It’s just another stunt by Speaker Pelosi,” she added.

It’s no wonder the Democrats hate her!