Steve Bannon’s Podcasts Gets Millions Of Visitors Despite Media Censorship

(ConservativePeak)_ Steve Bannon, the conservative political commentator and former White House strategist, has said that his podcast is being listened to by millions of people despite being censored by Big Tech.

A report from Yahoo! News appeared to broadcast the news to the wider media, possibly in the hope of encouraging Big Tech to remove his podcast from their platforms also.

Yahoo! reported how Bannon’s War Room has hit 29 million streams to data even though his accounts have been removed from both YouTube and Twitter for…well, who knows what for? He’s a conservative and that seems to be enough to get users banned these days.

The news article also complained about Bannon’s refusal to accept the results of the 2020 presidential election, wrongly claiming that Bannon promoted “spurious” claims of widespread election fraud. The evidence, however, shows that there was widespread misconduct and fraud.

On Tuesday it was also revealed how a Virginia rule that allowed late ballots that were missing postmarks to be counted was deemed illegal by a court – just one of the many accusations leveled against election and state officials by the Trump team repeatedly during and after the 2020 campaign.

It’s also something that pro-Trump attorney Jenna Ellis repeatedly warned against.

Ellis also presented other evidence of misconduct and fraud in a series of evidentiary hearings in Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania.

Yahoo! really made it clear they wanted readers to be outraged at Bannon’s ongoing podcasting success, wrongly claiming that he invited conspiracy theorists onto his show. The “news” outlet called One America News anchor Jack Posobiec, who appeared on the podcast, as a conspiracy theorist and attacked former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani for also appearing on the show.

The “news” outlet also asked Apple for comment on why they are hosting Bannon’s show, in another clear attempt at prompting the platform to remove Bannon and stop him from reaching his audience.

Could the media be any more contemptible?