Texas Sees STABLE Daily Hospitalizations As Economy Reopens

(ConservativePeak.com)- Texas joins Tennessee, Colorado, and Georgia in announcing stable hospitalizations and infection rates while reopening their economy. The number of hospitalizations in Texas, as well as the weekly average of new cases and deaths, have remained stable since Governor Greg Abbott let the stay-at-home order expire at the end of April.

The Republican governor has since allowed a phased reopening of the state’s economy, allowing non-essential businesses to begin opening in a limited capacity and gradually moving towards a full reopening.

The single-day fatality and case rates have also remained stable since May 1, when the lockdown was lifted, proving that the economy can reopen in a safe way. Democratic governors all over the country, however, are continuing their lockdown approach and encouraging people to stay at home and avoid opening up their businesses.

Governor Gavin Newsom of California has extended the state stay-at-home order for the next three months, dooming Californians to a summer stuck at home.

Breitbart noted that the number of cases tends to increase as a state gains access to more tests, owing to the fact that more people can be tested. However, in Texas, despite an increase in testing there has not been a significant increase in cases.

Texas has issued 14% of all tests nationwide, totalling some 74,000.

It means that Texans using their own common sense are helping to keep the infection rate (or the “R number”) down by wearing masks and practicing social distancing. The fact that Texas is less densely populated than many other places in America also helps, and proves that a one-size-fits-all policy of lockdown was a bad idea from the start.

The Worldometer site shows that Texas has around one-third of the national average of cases per one million people. Nationally, the United States has 4,477 cases per one million people, while Texas only has 1,578.

They’re doing something right!