Thanks, China: Over 20 MILLION Jobs Lost in April

(ConservativePeak.Com)- The United States lost some 20.2 million jobs in April, with private employers across the country forced to lay off staff as the Chinese coronavirus continues to damage the economy. Businesses are being forced to remain closed all over the country, and as companies begin to run out of money, staff simply cannot be paid.

The figures come from the ADP National Employment report that was released on Wednesday, showing the historic and record-breaking job losses across the country.

March statistics were revised to suggest that private payrolls lost 149,000 jobs, which was significantly higher than the 27,000 figure that was previously reported. March saw the first job losses in the US economy since September 2017, signaling that President Trump’s efforts to repair the national economy were working until COVID-19 forced businesses to close.

The hospitality sector was the hardest hit, seeing 8.6 million jobs lost in April. The trade and transportation industries were hurt, too, losing 3.4 million jobs in total. Manufacturing lost 1.7 million jobs and construction, despite many construction operations continuing throughout the pandemic, lost 2.5 million. Other business and professional services lost 1.2 million jobs.

Big companies were also among the hardest hit, having been forced to lay off 9 million employees. Smaller businesses lost a significant 6 million workers and medium-sized operations also let go of 5.3 million people.

The United States has since seen record numbers of people applying for unemployment benefits, with more people now unemployed than at any time in American history.

Despite this, President Donald Trump is positive about the future of the United States and is building his re-election campaign around the promise of repairing the economy.

“Two months ago we had the greatest economy in the history of the world, the best employment numbers we’ve ever had in history, everybody agrees, even CNN agrees with that one,” he recently said to the media.

“We’re gonna do it again, and that’s what we’re starting, and I view these last couple of days as the beginning. We’re gonna build the greatest economy in the world again, and it’s gonna happen pretty fast.” he added.