Top TRUMP Official SUING FBI After They Spied On Him In Possible Crime

( Carter Page, a former associate for the Trump campaign, has filed a federal lawsuit against both the FBI and the Department of Justice.

Page is seeking $75 million in damages as the result of “multiple violations” of his “Constitutional and other legal rights in connection with unlawful surveillance and investigation of him by the United States Government.”

Page says the FBI targeted him because he worked on the 2016 campaign for President Donald Trump. His lawsuit claims the FBI issued four separate “false and misleading” warrant applications the department used to surveil him electronically.

The DOJ was investigating Page as part of the Russian interference investigation that occurred in 2016. Earlier in the year, though, the department said it had “insufficient” cause to continue wiretapping him. In addition, they found that two of those four warrants didn’t have enough “probable cause” to support the claim that Page worked as an agent for Russia.

Similar instances happened in cases with the FBI around the same time, too, so Page may have a good case. Michael Horowitz, an inspector general for the Justice Department, released a report last year that unveiled inaccuracies in a few different applications for surveillance.

In total, the report found 17 inaccuracies for wiretap requests against Page. These all occurred between 2016 and 2017. Court documents at the time read:

“The court understands the government to have concluded, in view of the material misstatements and omissions, that the court’s (surveillance) authorizations … were not valid.”

This brings into question the FBI’s surveillance efforts over Page even more. Still, Horowitz’s report determined the FBI has justification for its investigation into election interference from Russia in 2016.

According to Page’s lawsuit, the FBI relied too much on documents and information that was provided by former British spy Christopher Steele. The suit says the FBI relied on Steele’s, even though they knew he “had been paid by the Democratic Party and/or the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign to perform ‘political opposition research’ and dig up dirt on a connection between the Trump campaign and Russia in order to divert attention from the investigation of Clinton’s email practices while she was Secretary of State.”

The lawsuit also accused the FBI of working with the CIA to get the warrants against him, and for denying that they did just that.

Between 2008 and 2013, Page served as an “operational contact.” He assisted the CIA in “combatting intelligence-related activities pursued by Russia and other foreign countries against the United States’ interest,” his lawsuit states.

It seems that multiple government officials and departments have been working against Page, too. In August of this year, Kevin Clinesmith, a former lawyer for the FBI, pleaded guilty to falsifying an email that said Page was never a source for the CIA.

Page’s lawsuit names a bunch of people and government entities as defendants. Included are the Federal Bureau of Investigations as well as former Director James Comey and former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, the Department of Justice, Clinesmith and other government officials.