Trump Announces SECOND Israel Peace Deal, This Time With Bahrain

( President Donald Trump just keeps on setting precedents, announcing on Friday a second Middle Eastern peace deal with Israel. The president announced that the Kingdom of Bahrain and Israel have agreed to formalize normal diplomatic relations between the two countries, marking the second historic Middle Eastern peace deal within just 30 days.

It’s no wonder that President Donald Trump just got nominated for a second Nobel Peace Prize for his work establishing a peace deal between Serbia and Kosovo.

Following the announcement that the United Arab Emirates would normalise its diplomatic relationship with Israel last month, President Trump tweeted on Friday that Israel and Bahrain will follow suit.

The series of peace deals come after President Trump release a Middle East peace plan in January which was designed to end the Israel-Palestine conflict. So far the deal has seen some level of cooperation between the two states, with Israel making some concessions to ensure better diplomatic relations with surrounding Arab nations.

The Kingdom of Bahrain becomes just the fourth Arab country to recognize the existence of Israel since it was founded in 1948. Before the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain recognized Israel’s existence, the only Arab countries that held normal diplomatic ties with the Jewish homeland were Jordan and Egypt.

In a press conference from the White House Oval Office, President Donald Trump praised the decision between the two countries and said it brings America closer to bringing troops home from the Middle East.

“As more and more countries normalize relations with Israel, the region becomes more stable, secure, and prosperous, and we can keep returning more of our great American troops home,” he said.

After the UAE-Israel deal, senior White House advisor Jared Kushner flew on the first flight between Israel and the UAE. During an interview, he said that the UAE had the “ability to change the whole course of the Middle East” and right now it looks that that’s what’s happening.

Bahrain announced last week that they would allow Israel planes to pass through their airspace while traveling between the UAE and Israel.