Trump Approval Ratings Hit RECORD High, Despite Chinese Virus

(ConservativePeak.Com)- Even with the Chinese coronavirus sweeping across the country, President Donald Trump is doing a good job of handling the economy, according to the American people.

According to CNBC’s “All America” survey, the president’s handling of the U.S. economy is supported by 52% of respondents, an increase over December’s 49%. The survey asked 800 Americans between April 3 and 6 how they believed the president was fairing, and even the fake news media couldn’t twist the results.

The poll also showed that the president’s overall rating increased, reaching 46% compared to 40% in their last survey in December. That is the highest number in Trump’s presidency from this poll.

Other polls have put Trump’s approval at even higher numbers. In early April, the president’s approval rating was closing in on 48%, according to Rasmussen.

Even while the Chinese virus kills thousands and puts millions out of work, the American people are recognizing the hard work put in by President Trump and his expert Coronavirus Task Force team.

Not only is President Trump seeing high ratings from Republicans, the Democrats seem to be coming round, too. His approval ratings increased to 20% among Democrat respondents, up from just 8% in December. He must be doing something right.

Trump receives high ratings at the same time 45% of Americans say the economy is poor. With the current administration in charge, 51% of Americans believe that the U.S. economy should go back to normal within just a few months, and as little as 6% believe lockdown measures will affect the country for more than a year.