Trump CORRECTS NY Gov Cuomo Over Fake Criticism Of Federal Government

( – President Donald Trump set the record straight on Monday over claims made by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo that the Trump administration is handling the coronavirus pandemic badly. Cuomo took particular issue with how the federal government was treating the states.

The feud went public when Cuomo published an article in The New York Times taking aim at the president, complaining about the federal government response.

“The coronavirus pandemic is now upon us, and data from other countries shows us clearly where we are headed,” the article began. “Every country affected by this crisis has handled it on a national basis. The United States has not. State and local governments lone simply do not have the capacity or resources to do what is necessary, and we don’t want a patchwork quilt of policies.”

Cuomo went on to ask the president whether he believes the United States can slow the spread of the disease to such a level that state health care systems can handle it. Cuomo, presumptively, answered “no.”

Incredibly, Cuomo failed to mention in the open letter that most of the countries struggling with the outbreak are significantly smaller than the United States. The United Kingdom is smaller than New York state!

On the same day, the president held a conference call with United States governors to discuss the ongoing pandemic and, according to The New York Times, told governors to “take the initiative to obtain ventilators, respirators and other equipment as the country deals with supply shortages and the number of cases increase.”

The president asked governors to take initiative in their own states while the federal government does all it can to assist. In normal times, such a comment would be entirely normal, but it came from Trump’s mouth so of course Cuomo and the Democrats took issue with it!

In a tweet, Cuomo appeared angry that the president expected him to do his job.

“I have to do more?” he asked. “YOU have to do something! You’re supposed to be the President” he added.

Trump fired back, naturally. Putting the New York governor in his place, the president told him that all states cannot be treated the same because all states are not the same. He even noted that New York is a hotspot for the virus.

How about you do your job and listen to the president, Cuomo?