Trump Going to COURT to Complete U.S.-Mexico Border Wall

(ConservativePeak.Com)- President Donald Trump is reportedly taking his fight to complete his U.S.-Mexico border wall to court. Federal court records, which were obtained by Reuters, suggest that the Trump administration is not letting the coronavirus outbreak get in the way of delivering one of his key promises from the 2016 campaign goal.

For years, Democrats have done everything in their power to stop Trump building the wall. In 2019, the government was forced to shut down as Congressional Democrats refused to sign off on a spending bill that granted sufficient funds to complete the building of the wall. And, rather than using executive action, the president has attempted repeatedly to complete the project with some level of bipartisanship.

The Democrats aren’t having it.

According to the court records, the Trump administration is still building huge sections of wall but needs help seizing land from private owners who are trying to stop the construction.

Reportedly, the Trump administration has filed 41 federal court cases to obtain the land required to build the wall. 39% of the cases filed were initiated within just the last two months, showing that President Trump isn’t letting the virus stand in the way of delivering.

Reuters reports that most of the court filings occurred in March, with a total of 12 cases being filed. That’s more than any other month during Trump’s time as president. The court cases mostly relate to private owners in Texas, owing to the fact that much of the land occupying the border is privately owned.

In April, acting deputy secretary of Homeland Security, Ken Cuccinelli, confirmed that construction of the wall is continuing. “Construction teams are self-contained and continuing to work,” he said. He explained how, even during the pandemic, the construction teams are continuing the job but doing so in a responsible way.

158 miles of the border wall has been completed since Trump took office, according to Border Patrol chief Rodney Scott. It’s not as much as the president hoped for, but given the constant efforts by Democrats to stop it, it’s incredible that so much has been done already!

Scott also confirmed that seven extra miles were completed in the week ending April 6, meaning, suggesting an average of one mile per day is being constructed at the southern border.

Expect to hear lots more about this in the run-up to the November election!