Trump LEADING In Ohio According To New Poll, Destroys Biden Lead In Wisconsin, Pennsylvania

( Ever since recovering from COVID-19, President Donald Trump has been back out on the campaign trail and eating into Joe Biden’s leads in key swing states. On Wednesday, it culminated in a new series of great poll numbers published by Fox News that show his efforts paying off.

A new series of polls show Trump slashing Biden’s leads in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, and edging into the lead in Ohio.

The surveys, which were conducted between October 17 and 20, show the president running a tighter race than many of the polls previously suggested. The president has a three-point lead in Ohio, leading Joe Biden 48% to 45%. Combined with the well-documented “Shy Trump” effect, whereby more people turn out to vote for the president on election day than the polls typically predict, it could mean a healthy or even very substantial victory for the president in Ohio on election night.

That is, unless something changes.

Considering that no presidential candidate has ever won the presidency without also winning Ohio since 1964, and Trump’s chances of winning the national election look greater than many left-wing news outlets seem to suggest.

Fox News also showed Biden holding a 5 percentage point lead in Pennsylvania, leading President Trump 50% to 45%. Another poll showed Biden leading President Trump by 5 percentage points in Wisconsin, with Biden on 49% and Trump at 44%. It marks a three-point drop for Joe Biden since the same poll was conducted by Fox in late August.

Recently, the chief pollster at the Trafalgar Group told Sean Hannity on Fox News that their polling numbers suggest that President Trump is set to win the national election on November 3 off the back of “hidden” supporters. Robert Cahaly, who heads up a polling group that was one of just two that accurately predicted a Trump win in 2016, said that pollsters are oversampling Democrats and not getting honest answers from conservative voters.

“What we’ve noticed is that these polls are predominantly missing the hidden Trump vote, what is referred to as the Shy Trump voter,” he said.

“There is a clear feeling among conservatives and people that are for the president, that they are not interested in sharing their opinions so readily on the telephone – we’ve seen people being beat up, harassed, doxed, have their houses torn up, because they express political opinions that are not in line with the politically correct establishment,” Cahaly continued.

It suggests that narrow margins in key swing states work strongly in favor of President Trump, with small margins showing a Trump lead potentially delivering a substantial lead on election night. It could also mean that narrow margins for Joe Biden could ultimately become narrow victories for the president off the back of “shy” Trump voters