Trump Says Democrats Would Have “Rioted” If GOP Did What Democrats Did To Him

( In his first post-presidency interview, former President Donald Trump spoke to Fox News and doubled down on his accusations about election fraud and misconduct in the 2020 presidential election.

During the interview, the president discussed the legacy of conservative radio legend Rush Limbaugh, who passed away this week, and described the ballot tabulation process as “disgraceful.”

“Rush thought we won, and so do I,” the president said.

On the election, the former president said, ‘I think it’s disgraceful what happened. We were like a Third World country on election night.’

Trump also discussed how he believed, had Joe Biden lost the election because of the same kind of misconduct, it would have resulted in riots all over the United States.

You know, like the riots we saw throughout 2020 caused by Democrat voters, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter?

“I think we won substantially…you would have had riots going all over the place if that happened to a Democrat,” the president said.

“We don’t have the same support at certain levels of the Republican system,” he added.

The president’s comments seemed to confuse left-wing journalists, who have apparently forgotten about the $2 billion in damage caused by left-wing rioters through 2020.

Journalist Helen Kennedy said on Twitter that she “can’t tell if [Trump is] gaslighting, or insane, or just stopped watching TV.”

The Capitol Hill riots that occurred on January 6 are still blamed on the former president, despite Trump and all elected Republican officials condemning the violence. Democrats have still yet to even recognize that they incited the riots in 2020.

While the media still scoffs at the president’s claims, many questions remain unanswered about the election and ballot-counting process. Data analysts, including Matt Braynard, identified tens of thousands of votes cast in battleground states like Georgia from non-residential addresses.

Further evidence of fraud and misconduct, which took the form of thousands of sworn affidavits, was also presented at evidentiary hearings in the weeks following the election.