Trump To Travel To Texas Border

(ConservativePeak)- While House Democrats push forward with impeachment, President Donald Trump will be appearing in Texas on Tuesday to tout the success and importance of his border wall.

The president will be appearing at Alamo, a city near the border with Mexico in the Rio Grande Valley. After spending much of the last few weeks out of the public eye, Trump is now making an appearance to tout one of his presidency’s biggest accomplishments.

At the urging of his top aides, the president is using his time left in the White House to talk about his wide range of accomplishments. In addition to the border wall, that includes him appointing many conservative judges to federal benches across the country, the rollback of various federal regulations, and massive tax cuts that have helped millions of Americans.

On Tuesday, Trump is expected to deliver a speech that will highlight the efforts of his administration to stop illegal immigration. A large part of that effort was the “big, beautiful wall” Trump promised while campaigning to build along the country’s southern border with Mexico.

By the time President-elect Joe Biden is inaugurated on January 20, nearly 475 miles of the border wall will have been constructed along the border. Much of the wall replaced smaller barriers that were already in place. The new wall is much more difficult for intruders to bypass.

Trump’s hard stance toward illegal immigration didn’t just revolve around the border wall, though. He has also done his best to curb it through other immigration reforms.

Biden has promised to roll back some of these efforts initiated by the Trump administration. But, many prominent officials involved in immigration warn that easing the Trump-era policies would be a big problem.

The acting commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Mark Morgan, said stopping construction of the border wall and repealing other immigration reforms would create “an unmitigated crisis in the first few weeks” of the new Biden administration.

Biden has said he would immediately halt construction of the remaining border wall once he takes office. The president-elect also said he wanted to reverse Trump administration restrictions placed on asylum seekers and legal immigration.

The Biden team, though, has said they plan to do this over time. They don’t want to act too quickly, worried that they could create an additional border crisis if they move too swiftly. Officials within the transition team say it may take six months or more to get the funding in place to loosen restrictions implemented under the Trump administration.

While many of Trump’s aides are in favor of him visiting the border wall Tuesday, some liberal outsiders believe it will be detrimental to the country. The deputy legal director of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Immigrant Justice Project, Efren Olivares, said:

“The violence Trump incited last week, and the violence his anti-immigrant policies cause stem from the alarming mainstreaming of white nationalist ideology that our country must reckon with and fight to uproot. The president’s planned trip to the border will only further the harm and beget more violence.”