Trump Warns Radical Left Democrat Officials Of Police Action for Promoting Extremism

VIDEO — Trump Fights Back in Fiery CPAC Speech

( President Donald Trump is warning leading Democratic Party politicians that their actions could result in police action. It comes at a time when “Radical Left politicians,” as Trump calls them, are endorsing violence, rioting, and “protesting” from extreme-left fringe groups all over the country. Not only are Democrats forgiving rioters for setting up “autonomous zones” and tearing down monuments, but they are fueling anti-police sentiment all over the country.

On Monday morning, the president accused Democrats of treating law enforcement officers “so badly” all over the country, and explained his anger at the slashing of local police budgets all over the United States.

“Never in history have Police been treated so badly as they are in Democrat-run cities – and these cities are a mess,” he said.

“Police must take a stronger stand with the Radical Left politicians that are treating them so badly, and so disrespectfully!!!” he said.

This could mean a couple of things. It might mean that Trump is calling on the police to vote Republican in November, but it also appears to suggest that police officers should take a literal stand against these politicians and caution them if they cross the line. Encouraging riots and violence is a criminal offense.

President Trump is pushing back hard against the anti-polite sentiment and rhetoric coming from the Democrats, and even recently denied a request to the Democratic Governor of Minnesota for millions of dollars in federal aid. It comes after Democratic officials in Minneapolis stood back and let radical far-left and Black Lives Matter activists burn down the city in the wake of the tragic death of George Floyd.

Meanwhile, state schools in Washington have started severing their ties with local police departments, the Democrats in New York City have passed a $1 billion budget cut to the NYPD, and Minnesota has even voted to get rid of their police department entirely.

This will end badly.