VIDEO: Semi-Truck Drives Straight Into Crowd of Protesters

( As protests and riots continue to spread across the United States, following the tragic death of George Floyd in Minnesota, residents appear to be getting angry at the roads being blocked off on major highways. On Sunday afternoon, footage showed how a semi-truck driver ploughed straight through a marching crowd on a closed-off section of the I-35. The shocking footage appears to show the driver of the truck aiming specifically for the people marching.

KSTP TV, a local television station, was broadcasting overhead footage of a section of an I-35 bridge at 5:46 p.m. Suddenly, the crowd begins to separate and within seconds a large semi-truck comes into view and appears to drive as if the crowd wasn’t there.

It’s easy to say the truck tried to drive into the crowd of people, but others have noted the fact that the truck drivers still need to reach their destinations and that it is always a bad idea to stop a vehicle during these crowds. Footage released online over the weekend showed a multitude of cars and trucks being attacked by gangs of protestors and rioters when they stop in the road.

The intentions of the truck driver remain unknown, but it remains perfectly plausible and likely that the driver was trying to indicate that he wasn’t going to stop and that protesters should get out of the way.

It also appears visible in the video, as many people argue online, that the driver did try to stop when it became clear that many people were refusing to move. Once the vehicle came to a stop, the mob pounced and began throwing projectiles at the truck and trying to open the doors.

Footage from last week showed how a gang of rioters attacked a lone female driver after she refused to abide by the roadblocks created by protesters.