Virginia Dems To Give 300,000 Illegals Driving Privileges

Dow plunges after China retaliates with higher tariffs
Dow plunges after China retaliates with higher tariffs

( – Democrats in Virginia are preparing to give thousands of illegal aliens in the state “driver privilege cards” that would allow them to drive without even having a driving license. That means people who entered the country illegally will be able to drive on American roads without getting pulled over by the police.

Think about that. People who have no legal right to even be in the United States will be given privileges to drive on the roads even when they don’t have a license.

Over the weekend, Virginia Senate Democrats passed new legislation that will give around 300,000 illegal aliens driving privileges.

Specifically, the legislation requires illegal aliens to file a tax return (for whatever amount) or to be registered as a dependent on somebody else’s tax return. In return for doing so, illegals will be given their drive privilege card.

Critics suggest that this is a step towards giving illegals full rights as citizens, and it’s easy to see why. However, supporters of the plan adamantly defend it by saying the card will not give illegals the right to vote. At least that’s true – for now.

Danica Roem, a member of the Virginia House of Delegates, took to Twitter to support the plan. In a message specifically for her “undocumented constituents,” she said she will “happily take flak for you.”

“You’re a part of my lifelong home community and my job is to serve all of my constituents – you too.”

Are they constituents if they aren’t even legal residents?

New York was the most recent state to grant driver’s licenses to illegals. However, as a result, the Department of Homeland Security stopped New York residents from accessing fast-track travel initiatives like Global Entry, which makes it quicker to enter into the United States after arriving from an international airport.

Allowing illegal aliens to have full driver’s licenses makes it much harder for the authorities to check whether a person is a legal resident or not. And that’s exactly why the Democrats push it!