VP Pence Predicts Coronavirus Pandemic End by JUNE

(ConservativePeak.Com)- Vice President Mike Pence predicted on Friday that much of the coronavirus pandemic will be behind us by early June, meaning the country could be mostly back to normal within a month.

During an interview on the Fox News Rundown podcast, Vice President Pence said that if the American people continue practicing social distancing, and follow the guidance from the government officials, then things could be back to normal very soon.

“I think if the American people continue to practice social distancing, if they heed the guidance, particularly through any phased reopening from their state and local officials, I believe we could have much of this coronavirus epidemic behind us by early June,” Pence said.

“But, it’s going to take all of us and doing everything that we need to continue to do to get through this. But, I have every confidence that we will,” he added.

This isn’t the first time he has been so optimistic, either. In April, Pence says that the outbreak may be “largely in the past” by early June, meaning the data remains encouraging to him.

The rationale behind the claims is that COVID-19 cases are levelling off in the states that are currently badly affected, and that with social distancing measures kept in place the country may have already peaked.

“We truly do believe as we move forward, with responsibly beginning to reopen the economy in state after state around the country, that by early June, we could be at a place where the coronavirus epidemic is largely in the past,” he said.”

While President Donald Trump has been the face of policy throughout the pandemic, Mike Pence has remained a continued source of optimism and hope for the American people. He regularly shares positive messages online, telling American people to keep going and playing their party.

“To the people of Philadelphia: Keep doing what you’re doing. It’s working,” he wrote on April 28.

Over the next four weeks, more states are expected to start reopening economies as part of the Opening Up America Again program set up by President Trump. The three-phased approach encourages governors to relax rules as infection rates begin to drop, as long as they can prove their hospitals have the capacity to deal with a surge in patients.