WHOA: 12% Of Trump Voters NOT Telling Pollsters How They’ll Vote

(ConservativePeak.com)- If a new study is accurate, then President Donald Trump could be on track to win in a gigantic landslide. We all know how the “shy Trump” vote works as we saw it play out in the 2016 election. These are the people who vote for Trump but don’t tell their friends, loved ones, or pollsters out of fear of retribution from left-wing extremists.

A study by New York’s CloudResearch suggests that almost 12% of Republicans aren’t giving honest opinions to pollsters for various reasons. The “shy vote” isn’t exclusive to Trump and the Republicans, but it is by far the largest. The study found that only 5.4% of Democrats are giving dishonest answers to pollsters. Interestingly, some 10.5% of independents aren’t telling pollsters the truth either.

These are big numbers, and when you look at Biden’s huge leads in some states and tiny leads in others (and Trump’s small leads in swing states like Wisconsin) it suggests that we might be headed for another surprise win.

Well, surprise win to the Democrats. Everyone else probably won’t be so surprised.

Another interesting number from this study is that 10.1% of Trump supporters – whether they are Democrat, independent, or Republican – are unlikely to tell the truth to pollsters in telephone surveys. And why would they? We’ve seen what happens when people find out you support the president these days.

You’ll lose your job, be attacked in the street, and labeled a racist.

The study didn’t just ask people if they lie, but used a series of questions to determine whether people tell the truth. They first asked participants what their political preference is, before asking how comfortable they would be expressing their true beliefs with a pollster over the phone. Later on in the discussion, individuals who asked who they actually supported for president.

When people were asked if they would consider lying to pollsters and why they would do it, many said they wanted to keep their opinion confidential and that they consider it dangerous to share any opinion that isn’t the “liberal viewpoint.”

This could explain those early polls that one showed Joe Biden with a 14-point lead over President Trump. It could also mean that even more swing states are in play this time around. And with the Democrats incapable of condemning far-left violence on American streets, it’s not hard to see why.