Wikipedia Wipes Clean Kamala Harris Page As Biden Prepares to Choose VP

( Senator Kamala Harris, the failed presidential candidate who is widely believed to be the frontrunner in the race to become presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s vice-presidential candidate, enjoyed a good cleansing of her Wikipedia page recently. Last week, the Intercept reported how the Democratic politician’s Wikipedia page was cleansed, removing instances of campaign finance scandals and even her record of being a pretty harsh prosecutor.

Wikipedia editors effectively removed anything that might make her appear problematic in the age of Black Lives Matter ruling our lives.

Her new Wikipedia page also no longer includes references to the nepotism scandals that plagued her early political career. Naturally, the page also has lots of new favorable additions about the politician.

Wikipedia is on online encyclopedia that allows virtually anybody to edit pages. Unless a page is locked because of edit warring, anybody can make changes to a page and as long as those changes are verified and sourced according to Wikipedia rules, they’ll stay. However, given that the platform is dominated by left-wing editors, it’s fairly common for pages to be vandalized or changed to suit a specific political agenda and editors make it virtually impossible to remedy it.

Some Wikipedia editors have attempted to undo the changes made to the page, and while some controversies have been added back to the page, much of the details are missing. Editors claim that some of the claims are either not verifiable (when they are) or are, somehow, not relevant.

I guess the lesson here is that if you want to be written about favorably, all you need to do is bow down to the demands of far-left radicals. That way, Wikipedia editors will wipe out your past scandals on a platform that most people use to find information about something they don’t know about.

The Intercept recognized a pattern in behavior of Wikipedia editors, too. The article explains how in 2016, editors on the online encyclopedia became very active on the Tim Kaine page before he was officially announced as Hillary Clinton’s running mate. Expecting the same thing to happen again for the 2020 race, a Reddit script was created to monitor the pages of potential running mates for Biden – and it picked up a huge amount of activity on the Harris page. The primary user responsible for the changes was somebody using the name Bnguyen1114.

The article explains how one edit involved the removal of an entire paragraph that referenced her defense of prosecutors in Orange County involving misconduct cases. The user claimed they were removed for “proof-reading” but the paragraph is yet to be restored.

Take a look at the article itself. It makes Harris look…perfect.