Will Trump Pardon Michael Flynn And Others? It’s Possible He Will On His Way Out

(ConservativePeak.com)- Leading up to his final days in the White House, President Donald Trump is reportedly considering pardons for Michael Flynn and others.

Sources have told CNN that the president is considering the pardon for Flynn, who served as the first national security adviser in his administration. Others who were convicted in the Robert Mueller investigation, such as Paul Manafort, George Papadopoulos and Roger Stone, could be under consideration for a pardon, too.

But, CNN’s sources have said that Flynn is the most likely beneficiary of Trump’s broad powers of presidential pardon. The president has alleged for a while now that his campaign was the target of illegal investigations, and that nothing they did leading up to the 2016 campaign was wrong.

Flynn was Trump’s national security adviser for only a few weeks. He ended up resigning after he was outed for lying about contact he made with Russians. Then, in 2017, he pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his interactions. He later tried to have his case thrown out after he changed his plea.

The Department of Justice this spring tried to drop their case against Flynn. That is being held up in court to date. As of yet, Flynn hasn’t been sentenced in his case.

In seeking to drop their case against Flynn, the DOJ said the FBI never should’ve questioned Flynn when they did in January 2017. If they hadn’t, he never would’ve been put in a position where he would’ve lied to them.

The DOJ appeared in court along with Flynn in September, arguing that the case should be dismissed. The U.S. district judge in the case, Emmet Sullivan, said he was considering still sentencing Flynn for lying.

The DOJ has since appealed Sullivan’s decision to have an independent former judge examine the department’s request to drop the case. The outcome of that is still pending.

However, Trump can make all of that moot if he were to pardon Flynn. It would, in essence, remove the conviction from Flynn’s record and not force him to serve any time in prison because of it.

Thus far, the president has used his broad powers to either pardon or commute the sentence of some people convicted of crimes. Former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza and financier Michael Milken have all been pardoned by Trump.

Earlier this year, the president also commuted the sentence of his long-time friend and confidant, Stone. That happened not long before Stone was set to report to prison to begin serving his sentence of 40 months. Stone later also dropped his appeal of his conviction. That means his record will show he was convicted, although he never served any time as a result of it.

Through the influence of Kim Kardashian West, Trump also granted pardons to some women who were serving extremely long jail sentences as first-time offenders. That was part of the president’s push to reform the criminal justice system, which many advocates have praised.